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Execution of Amirhossein Pourjafar, Juvenile Offender Postponed

Breathing in Confinement – Amirhossein Pourjafar’s execution has been postponed and he will not be hanged tomorrow. Mojtaba Farahbakhsh, Amirhossein Pourjafar’s lawyer told the report of Prisoners’ Rights League in Iran (PRLI): “Fortunately the execution was postponed and the sentence is not going to be enforced tomorrow.”

Last Efforts to Postpone Juvenile Offender’s Execution

Breathing in Confinement – Amirhossein Pourjafar’s lawyer said his client’s execution might be postponed. According to the reports obtained by Prisoners’ Rights League in Iran (PRLI), the authorities of Tehran Judiciary are considering the possibility of postponing Amirhossein Pourjafar’s execution.

17-Year-Old Offender Scheduled to Be Executed in 2 Days

Breathing in Confinement – Amirhossein Pourjafar, 17-year-old prisoner has been taken to solitary confinement of Rajai Shahr Prison of Karaj in order to be executed in 2 days. According to the reports obtained by Prisoners’ Rights League in Iran (PRLI), the juvenile offender will be executed on October 19th if the last attempts to obtain […]

Amnesty International Calls on Iran to Halt the Execution of 17-Year-Old Prisoner

Breathing in Confinement – Amnesty International called on the Iranian authorities to halt the imminent execution of a 17-year-old boy and commute his sentence to imprisonment. According to the statement, the boy was convicted of murder and rape and sentenced to death.

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Human rights activist on hunger strike in Iran

URGENT ACTION HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST ON HUNGER STRIKE IN IRAN Human rights activist Latif Hasani, a member of Iran’s Azerbaijani minority who is serving a nine-year prison sentence, has been on hunger strike since 18 May in protest at the treatment of political prisoners in Iran. He is a prisoner of conscience who must be […]

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