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4 Prisoners Executed in Central Prison of Uremia


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Breathing in Confinement – 4 prisoners were executed today in Uremia Central Prison.

According to the reports obtained by Prisoners’ Rights League in Iran (PRLI), 4 drug offenders were executed today in Central Prison of Uremia.

The prisoners have been identified as Asghar Ranjbar, Hedayat Shirzad, Hasan Bashugi and Ali Zare’ and were all taken to gallows from ward 15 of this prison.

These prisoners were executed while the new bill to reduce the death punishment for drug offences have been already passed by the Parliament and confirmed by the Guardian Council.

Also Hassan Rohani has communicated this law.

It is said that this law is going to be enforced from November 14th but in some prisons like the Central Prison of Isfahan the prisoners have been told to write a “repentance letter” or they “will be executed.”