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41 Executions and 3 Amputations in Iran in September 2017


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Breathing in Confinement – At least 41 prisoners have been executed in September in Iran.

The statistics center of the Prisoners’ Rights League in Iran (PRLI) has published this report stating that at least 8 prisoners were executed publically.

According to this report the official media in Iran has published the news of only 21 execution and the rest were reported by independent human rights activists and organizations.

The residents of Ilam, Pars Abad, Western Islam Abad, Salmas and Agh Ghala had to witness executions on the streets of their cities.

During this month, the head of the Judiciary of Kerman Province published the news of the execution of 5 prisoners on charge of Muharebeh, “some of which were done in public” but did not mention the exact number and location of these executions.

A woman was also hanged on 19 of September on charge of murder in Central Prison of Zanjan.

In an obvious change, the majority of the executed prisoners were those who had been sentenced to death of charge of murder. These were 29 prisoners and only 6 prisoners were executed on drug offences.

Also 2 prisoners were executed on charge of rape.

One other prisoner was executed on charge of sodomy in Ardebil Prison. Prison authorities made a number of prisoners watch this execution in the prison yard.

It should also be mentioned that the fingers of at least 3 prisoners were amputated in September. The amputations were carried out on 3 prisoners who had been charged with robbery in Qom Prison on September 20th.