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International Day Against Death Penalty: 526 Executions in One Year in Iran


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Breathing in Confinement – At least 526 prisoners have been executed in Iran during the past one year.

The center of statistics of Prisoners’ Rights League in Iran (PRLI) has published a report on the occasion of October 10th, International Day Against Death Penalty and stated that at least 526 death penalties have been carried out in Iran between 10 October 2016 and 10 October 2017.

The Iranian state-run media have reported only 103 executions which means less than 20% of them and the rest 80% have been reported by independent human rights organizations and media.

Alike recent years, the drug offenders made up the majority of executed prisoners in Iran. Besides 282 drug offenders, at least 178 prisoners were executed on charge of murder, 18 other were hanged on charge of rape and 6 on charge of armed robbery. Also 6 prisoners have been executed on charge of Muharebeh and 2 others were sent to the gallows on charge of sodomy.

On the other hand, 32 executions have been carried out publicly and mostly in the presence of the crowds which included children as well.

There were also 9 women and 3 prisoners with disabilities among the executed prisoners in the past one year.

The Islamic Republic of Iran continued to execute juveniles in this year, too. At least 5 prisoners who were under 18 years of age at the time of arrest were executed in different prisons of Iran.

Executed Juveniles in the Past One Year

The Iranian authorities also have carried out the death sentences of 8 citizens of Afghanistan and 2 others from Pakistan.

In the past year one prisoner of conscience was also executed in Iran. Seyed Jamal Seyed Musavi was the prisoner who had been arrested in 2008 by the Intelligence Office of Sanandaj and sentenced to death on charge of Muharebeh through cooperation with Salafist groups. He was executed on 23 August 2017 in Rajai Shahr Prison of Karaj.