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Authorities Prevent Soheil Arabi from Being Sent to Hospital


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Breathing in Confinement – Soheil Arabi was deprived of being transferred to the hospital on the 3rd day of his dry hunger strike.

According to the reports obtained by “Breathing in Confinement,” the authorities of Evin Prison have not allowed Soheil Arabi to be transferred to the hospital today because of his refusal to wear prison uniforms.

This is while Soheil Arabi has gone on a dry hunger strike since September 23rd and his blood pressure is “5/6.”

He is also suffering from dramatic loss of weight, dizziness and nose-bleedings.

He had been on a wet hunger strike since August 24th and changed it to a dry one on September 23rd.

He had begun his hunger strike in protest against the IRGC’s pressures on him and his family.

According to the sentence issued for him, he was supposed to be released on September 18th but this did not happen due to “IRGC’s interventions.”

Soheil Arabi, 32, was arrested by the IRGC forces on November 7, 2013 because of what he had written in his Facebook profile and sentenced to death on charge of insulting the prophet Mohammad by branch 76 of the criminal court of Tehran. The sentence was rejected by branch 34 of the Supreme Court and the case was sent to the primary court again.

In a new acquitted of insulting the prophet Mohammad but was sentenced to 7 years and a half of prison, 2 years of religious research and 2 years of ban from leaving the country.

He has been deprived of having furlough during all these years.

Soheil Arabi was also sentenced to 5 million IRR fines and 30 lashes in May 2014 for insulting the head of Allame Tabatabi University, Ayatollah Ahmad Kannati and Gholam Ali Haddad Adel by branch 10 of the Special Court of Government Employees. He had also been sentenced to 3 years if imprisonment by judge Abolghasem Salavati of branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court on charge of insulting the Supreme Leader and spreading propaganda against the regime.