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Mohammad Nazari Stopped Hunger Strike Conditionally


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Breathing in Confinement – Mohammad Nazari stopped his hunger strike conditionally on its ninety-ninth day.

According to the reports obtained by Prisoners’ Rights League in Iran (PRLI), Mohammad Nazari was allowed to hire a lawyer on the 99th day of his hunger strike and stopped his strike conditionally and for one month.

Mohammad Hussein Aghasi who was appointed as Mohammad Nazari’s lawyer today confirmed to PRLI’s reporter that Mohammad Nazari had stopped his hunger strike and informed him about it in a letter.

Mohammad Nazari’s lawyer stated that his client’s only demand is that the authorities would “act on legal grounds” which would lead to “his freedom.”

Mohammad Nazari is a political prisoner in Hall 10 of Ward 4 of Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj who was on hunger strike since July 30.

His demand was imposing the new Islamic Penal Code on his case. In that case his sentence would be reduced to 15 years and because of being imprisoned already for 24 years, he would be released immediately.

During his hunger strike he was transferred to hospital several times.

In a letter on the 81st day of his hunger strike, Mohammad Nazari had described himself as the “loneliest prisoner” who had “nobody but the people” to listen to him.

According to this letter, Mr. Nazari has been imprisoned for 24 years and without any furlough in the prisons of Mahabad, Urmia and Rajai Shahr. Although he should had been released more than 4 years ago but the “invisible hands of power and security” have prevented the law from being enforced.

Mohammad Nazari was arrested in 1994 when he was 23 years old and after returning from a short journey to Iraq. He was arrested in Bokan city of West Azerbaijan province and sentenced to death on charge of supporting the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan. His sentenced was later commuted to life-time imprisonment.

Mohammad Nazari has said that he had been “tortured, whipped and his sister was threatened so that he had to confess to killing some IRGC officers.”

Amnesty International published a statement on October 22nd and called for the immediate and unconditional freedom of Mohammad Nazari.