Breathing in Confinement


Saeed Pourheydari Transferred to Political Prisoners’ Section in Rajai Shahr Prison


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Breathing in Confinement – Saeed Pourheydari was transferred to Hall 12 of ward 4 in Rajai Shahr prison, in Karaj, after a month of hunger strike.

According to the report of “Breathing in Confinement”, this political prisoner, who has been on hunger strike from a month ago, after being transferred to ward 1 in Rajai Shahr prison, eventually was transferred to political prisoners’ ward in this prison on 25th May.

Saeed Pourheydari was arrested during last winter, after returning to Iran and at the same time, for a while went on hunger strike which has caused his extreme physical weakness and drop on his blood pressure.

This is while prison’s doctors have confirmed that he needs to be taken to hospital, but prison authorities prevent this.

Saeed Pourheydari was sentenced to five years suspended imprisonment in 2010 and last year after his return to Iran, a new case was opened against him.