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The Interrogator to Soheil Arabi: “You Will Die Here!”


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Breathing in Confinement – The latest reports indicate that Soheil Arabi is in a ‘very critical’ condition on the 5th day of his dry hunger strike.

According to the reports obtained by “Breathing in Confinement,” Soheil Arabi, prisoner of conscience is in a critical condition on the 5th day of his dry hunger strike.

He is suffering from low blood pressure and dramatic loss of weight.

According to the sources close to him, his blood sugar is 70 and his blood pressure is 9 and he has so far lost 20 kg of his weight.

Yesterday, his interrogator visited him and told him: “You will die and be forgotten like Sattar Beheshti.”

On the other hand, Mr. Hajmoradi, the prosecutor’s representative has also visited Soheil Arabi and asked him to end the hunger strike and then he “would help him.” But Soheil Arabi has answered him that “he would not end his strike until he is released and his wife is acquitted.”

He had been on a wet hunger strike since August 24th and changed it to a dry one on September 23rd.

He had begun his hunger strike in protest against the IRGC’s pressures on him and his family.

According to the sentence issued for him, he was supposed to be released on September 18th but this did not happen due to “IRGC’s interventions.”