Breathing in Confinement


A Sunni Prisoners Open Letter


Category: religious minorities

Breathing in Confinement – Fowad Ahmed Nouri, prisoner of conscience in Rajai Shahr prison, in Karaj shared with the public just a part of his and his family’s problems through an open letter.

According to the report of “Breath in Confinement”, Fowad Ahmad Noori, who has been sentenced to 13 years imprisonment on charges of religious activities, had 5 young children.

Full text of his letter which was provided to “Breathing in Confinement,” is literally as follows:

On Tuesday 11/01/2014, after 4 years, my family traveled to Iran from Iraqi Kurdistan, and despite the distance and difficulty, poor financial situation and physical difficulties and serious problems, the family had come to visit their detained dear, so that the mother could visit his son, wife her husband and poor children their detained father just for couple of minutes,  to give comfort to their distance grief, to get the gifts that their father provided hardly, from his kind full  hands and even for a short time once again experience the warm embrace of a father who cares for his children to forget the sorrow.

But, alas, some unjust hatred and who know nothing about humanity changed these children’s hopes and aspirations to tears. And despite this oppressed family’s numerous begging from 8
am to 3 pm, their request was refused and they were prevented from seeing their beloved.

Now there is a question from people who claim that they are followers of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, Family of prophet Mohammad ( Ahle Beit), Union week supporters, ( union between Sunnite and Shiite), that, how can this cruel treatment be part of  justice of Imam Ali and Family of Prophet Mohammad? Based on which religious teachings a few moments visit with mother and wife and his loved ones is forbidden for a prisoner while the world’s greatest blessings which is freedom, has been taken away from him.

From which part of Islam and Justice have you learnt the mood of lies, betrayal, and cruelty?

However, the management of prison (Mohammad Mardani) previously had agreed with our visit.

If it is not harassment behaviour by the Intelligence and prison authorities, what else can it be? If this is “Justice”, so what is cruelty?

I leave the judgment to the people.

Fowad Ahmed Nouri, Sunni prisoners of conscience