Breathing in Confinement


Aydin Mohsennejad’s Father Transferred to Khoy Prison


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Breathing in Confinement – Aydin Mohsennejad’s father who had been arrested in the Intelligence Agents’ raid at his home was transferred to the Prion of Khoy.

According to the reports obtained by Prisoners’ Rights League in Iran (PRLI), Mohammad Mohsennejad, retired teacher had been arrested “instead of his son” two days ago.

An informed source told PRLI’s reporter that the Intelligence Agents had told Mr. Mohsennejad that he was going to stay in prison until his son would show up.

Aydin Mohsennejad studies architecture in the Islamic Art University of Tabriz and is the editor of “Jamee” publication in this university.

The Intelligence Agents raided Mr. Mohsennejad’s house in Khoy on January 5th and after searching the house “took Aydin’s father instead of him” and said that “the father will be released when the son shows up.”