Breathing in Confinement


An Arab Woman Arrested in Shoosh


Category: ethnic minorities، Women

Breathing in Confinement – Ministry of Intelligence’s agents arrested an Arab woman in Shoosh.

According to the report obtained by “Breathing in Confinement,” the Intelligence Bureau’s agents arrested an Arab woman named Basneh Debat, 56, from Shoosh, at 10 pm on September 16.

In addition, these forces have threatened Elaiwi Debat, Mrs Debat’s husband with confiscating their properties including their house and store.

It has been said that the reason of this action by the judicial and security authorities, is their son, Mohammad Debat’s, activities outside the country.

Also Ahmad Debat, the other son of the family, has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment because of his political activities, and is currently held in Rasht prison.